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BASIS schools offer students something no other American public school does: An education that prepares them according to the highest, most rigorous international standards. Our schools have been ranked consistently among the best schools in the United States--and the world.

Grades 5-12

1700 N. Gemini Drive
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001
Phone: 928.774.5502

BASIS FLAGSTAFF is evaluating interest in expanding to serve grades K-4

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Flagstaff has a rich history in scientific discovery and innovation. Notable achievements in planetary discovery and pathogen genomics, along with the Colorado Plateau’s abundance of natural science, archaeology, and indigenous cultures have worked to make Flagstaff home to world-class scientists as well as research and development facilities.

Students in Flagstaff now have access to a world class education. BASIS Flagstaff opened in 2011 to serve children in Grades 5-12. BASIS Flagstaff is founded on the belief that students do better when you expect more from them, not less. The ingredients of BASIS’s success are knowledgeable and effective teachers, a strong curriculum, accountability, and academic support for students through tutoring and the development of superior study skills. Enrollment at BASIS Flagstaff will provide students with an opportunity to reach their highest academic potential through a culture dedicated to academic success. The BASIS classroom is full of enthusiasm for learning thanks to its top quality teachers who are experts in their fields and passionate about education as well as an environment which is free from distraction and focused on learning. Such an environment encourages our student population to promote a self-motivating and intellectually curious culture.

Though BASIS Flagstaff is new to the BASIS family, its sister schools consistently place near the top of national rankings. BASIS Tucson has ranked in Newsweek’s top ten list for five years—earning the #1 spot in 2008--and in U.S. News & World Report’s top 20 list of American high schools since the ranking’s inception in 2007.

BASIS Flagstaff will see its first graduating class in 2014. Already our students have achieved state and national recognition for academics and for extra-curricular activities. BASIS Flagstaff was also recognized state-wide when biology teacher Sheri Jordan became the Arizona Charter School Teacher of the Year in 2013. For more details, visit the curriculum tab.



As BASIS Flagstaff enters its third year of operation, I marvel at how far we have come in such a short amount of time. Our students are engaged in learning and have risen to the challenge of a rigorous curriculum, our teachers are inspiring and knowledgeable, and our parents are supportive and involved. In short, we have built a thriving community.

I remember being impressed when I first heard about BASIS as one of the top high schools in the United States. However, it wasn’t until I experienced the inside of a classroom and witnessed the magic of our teachers and the self-sufficient, interesting, and motivated students that I understood the real value of a BASIS education. Every day, I feel fortunate to observe the extraordinary growth I see in our students and the passionate dedication of our teachers. I also feel fortunate to work for an organization that walks the talk of high standards and high expectations. The tried and true curriculum and policies at BASIS are intentional. The ultimate goal of a college prep school should not be to get students into college, but rather to prepare them to be successful in college and life.

The BASIS classroom is full of enthusiasm for learning, top quality teachers who are experts in their field and passionate about education, and an environment free from distraction, focused on learning.

I invite you to contact me, to learn how your child can reach new levels of academic success at BASIS Flagstaff.

Kara Kelty
Head of School
BASIS Flagstaff


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1700 N. Gemini Drive
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

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